Highly Skilled Experienced Professionals

Experienced Land Professionals The Fairfield Partnership

We have an enviable track record in gaining planning where others have failed. We are very well funded and secure. The Fairfield Partnership is managed by highly skilled and experienced professionals who know how to maximise land values with the minimum cost.

The Fairfield Partnership are not builders, so our interest in maximising land value is the same as the landowner. Neither are we a public company so decisions are made quickly and efficiently. Irrespective of the type of agreement chosen to promote the land we will provide:

  • Commercial and technical expertise in formulating development proposals.
  • Project Management and site promotion entirely at The Fairfield Partnership’s risk.
  • Accountability, satisfying public and charity commission requirements by ensuring that the sites can be sold on the open market, thus achieving the best price obtainable.
  • Financial Strength combined with the expertise of a specialist land promotion company.
  • An innovative, informal ‘partnership’ approach to land transactions, delivering real value to the vendor.
  • Proven ability at site assembly, planning negotiation and solving seemingly intractable technical and legal difficulties.