Maximising the Value of Landholdings

the fairfield partnership maximising the value of land holdings

The Fairfield Partnership successfully promotes land through the planning system to maximise its value on the open market. We operate within areas we know well covering the South East of England, East Anglia, South West England and the Midlands.

We assess the potential of Brownfield or Greenfield land for development, now or up to 20 years in the future. We work with the land owner offering to control the site by means of either a straightforward Purchase with uplift, an Option or through a Promotional Agreement:

The Benefits

There are differing advantages with all of the forms of contract we enter into and we will be happy to go through these with you to ensure that you select the correct one for your particular circumstances. One theme common to all is that we regard our relationship with our land owners as most important and work closely with them often for many years. The other common thread is that we are responsible for all costs and will report to you on a regular basis.


It will suit some owners to sell their land but they would not wish to lose the development potential into the future. We are happy to buy land at the current value but reserve an uplift for the vendor once permission is achieved.


For those owners wishing to retain ownership of their land, we are happy to enter into an Option Agreement allowing us the right to promote the land with the right to buy at the planning permission stage. This purchase would be at a discount to market value to reflect our risk in promoting the land.

Promotional Agreement

As an alternative to the Option basis, we are also happy to promote the land under a Promotional Agreement where all or part of the land is sold on the open market, thereby ensuring that there is no doubt that top market value is achieved.

Once we have control of the land, we appoint highly skilled professionals to promote the land entirely at our expense. This is normally handled through the Local Plan process, but can also be via a planning application and an appeal if necessary.